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Phil Cory

So this is pretty much just a little about me. Nothing fancy to see and nothing overwhelming to hear. Just a quick intro in to who I am, what I do and how to get in touch with me.

There are several other Phil Cory's out there. I'm the one who lives in Las Vegas, married to my beautiful wife Jessica and have 2 amazing dogs: Oso and Bella.


Who is Phil Cory?

Basically I am just a lucky guy that got a second chance at life a little over 16 years ago (in 2005.) From there I have seized the moments and tried to take full advantage of what God has given me. In addition to my personal recovery in life from alcoholism, I have been very fortunate to create several online success stories for myself and others..

What Does Phil Cory Actually Do?

It's hard to drill down just one or two things that I do. I am an entrepreneur who has had success in several areas: from internet marketing, web development, business consulting, as well as helping people find recovery from their addictions. I have built several companies and entities from the ground up from literally nothing and have been able to build sustainable business from them. Additionally I have been fortunate enough to have sold several online entities.

What?  You're Still Here?

The Man, the Myth, the Internet Web Guy Who Takes Time To Help People

Some people would like to identify me by some of the work that I have done. Others would define me by the way that I have been blessed to live my life by following many of my passions such as: Travel, Baseball, Running and Recovery. So here is a random set of images that give you a little insight about who I am.

Quick Picks In No Particular Order


My Current Work & Projects

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Coffee With Phil

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Say Hello!

So if you can do it without spamming - please feel free to reach out and let me know you came by my site. If there is something I can help with, just let me know. I am available to discuss business ventures, SEO Training and Consulting as well as talk about personal 12 step recovery.